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Remember when Thomas is taking his own tour around the Glade and he mentions how someone working the farms smiles *actually smiles* at him and it’s like this huge thing where “hey, maybe everybody isn’t a jerk and I could maybe make friends here.” So, I know it doesn’t say that it’s Zart, but I’m going to pretend it is. I love Zart. I am here to support and protect Zart….And possibly ship Zartmas in the process……

"but i wonder why us, why enemies why
broken, and fire, and liar, on fire why
survivors, why are we survivors?
at midnight, spitting fire, wonder why
i wonder why i enjoy this, burning faces
never liked fire, wonder why i crave you
wonder why hot tears on our faces are
soothing, calming, i wonder why holding you
is not broken or breaking but
we’re survivors sometimes, but
sometimes only ghosts, only shadows
and we melt into each other.
i’m breathing your air and it tastes so good (e.p.)


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